7 Merchandising Strategies for Retail Stores and Shopping Malls

Merchandising strategies have proven to increase customer traffic and sales. Whether you are a start-up business or a large organization looking to grow your business, you should consider implementing merchandising strategies. Selective merchandise can create awareness and build your brand over time. It is the right way of advertising and grabbing the attention of your potential customers.

Merchandising strategies have known to increase sales revenue and elevate an organization’s profile. There is no one-size-fits-all, and this does not work in today’s knowledgeable consumer world. Your organization has to select the appropriate merchandising strategy that works for your organization. The strategy you choose should be carefully crafted for the event or marketing objective such as increasing traffic, inviting new customers or increasing sales.

Retailers need merchandising strategies if they want to be visible to their customers. In fact, merchandising strategies are an inherent part of a retailer’s success in selling products. A merchandising strategy can also help to encourage impulsive purchase. It is a tactic that can contribute to profits and increase your customer numbers.

Here are the recommended merchandising strategies that can help grow your retail or business:

1. Banner Stands

Banners are visible to the eye. They are practical and can deliver the message to your customer instantly with the right content. There are many types of banner stands like a roll-up, X banner stand and banner hangers. A banner stand can be used for exhibitions, retails, events or directly outside the office to attract customers in the area.

Banners can make a significant impact in your retail shop or office. You can use this type of merchandise to promote a particular product or service. You can use them to introduce an offer and draw customers into your shop or office. Banner stands can contribute significantly to point of sales as well.

2. Poster Frames and Hangers

Posters are commonly used in the entertainment and restaurant industries. However, posters are also high in effectiveness and impact, which makes them suited for all types of business and industries. This type of promotional material works well in shopping centres like Burlington Heights Plaza.

A poster can help with encouraging impromptu purchases. You can make posters stand out by framing them and mounting them on your walls or window display. If you are looking for an alternative presentation, you can consider the poster hangers which offers a dual display.

3. Sign & Label Holders

Signs and label holders can boost your point-of-purchase sales. They work well for all types of product shelves. When the sign and label are neatly presented and visible, your customer can easily find the product as well as know the price to make an on the spot decision. You can use the signs and label holders to build brand awareness as well. The SuperGrip™ Hinged Data Flag works well if you want to highlight a product or special offer as it can hold the sign at a 90 degrees angle.

4. Shelf Management

Shelf management has become popular, especially to hold coupons that customers can tear off in order to avail an offer. The shelf management merchandise can keep your shelves looking organized and neat. Many types can accomplish the goal such as arrowhead fasteners, multi-grippers and more.

5. Brochure Holders

You cannot go wrong with a brochure holder. This type of merchandise can help with providing information to your customers and making it easy to access. You can have them at reception, mounted on the wall, placed on the floor or mounted outside. There are a variety of brochure holders to suit your business or retail. It is the most suited strategy to provide information about your product or service to your customers. It helps to call attention and promotes brand awareness.

6. Display Construction

There is no “one-size-fits-all’ strategy when it comes to merchandise. It all depends on the marketing and sales objectives. Some options are constructed to meet different goals. For example, a merchandising hook can help you hang and line up your products.
These manufactured accessories are robust and can help achieve any business, marketing or sales goals. Through the display construction option, you can create the display you want and develop attention-grabbing displays to boost your sales. This option can help in many areas such as building brand identity, improving category management and maximizing retail shelf space.

7. Literature Holders

Similar to brochure holders, literature holders provide the right information for your customers. If you have a one-page flyer that you want to display, you can consider a literature holder to showcase your flyer. There are many options of literature holders such as the countertop print holder, the reception kits and the combination holders.

Reception kits offer a range of units for displaying business cards and letter size posters. This strategy works for corporate reception areas, banks, medical offices, car dealerships, tour agencies, hotels and real estate companies.

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