7 Types of Forms for Field Service

In field service businesses, forms are used to record job site, administrative and employee data. Traditionally, most forms were only available on paper, but with the technological advancements that have been witnessed in mobile phones in recent years, you can literally find any form in some sort of digital format, which is far less cumbersome, expensive, and less prone to human error than paper.

Forms are especially crucial for administrative purposes. The following are some types of forms that can be utilized for field service.

1. Work Order Forms

These forms are used by businesses to note down any critical job and customer details. Work orders are used to identify the costs of materials, services and labour needed to complete a given task. A work order basically sums up all that the job at hand requires.

This form will help you plan for a task and avoid unexpected shortcomings. If you want to make your work easy, there are mobile versions of work order forms that automatically calculate the costs as you type them in. This ensures that you get instant and accurate data every time.

2. Job Inspection Forms

Just as the name suggests, the purpose of a job inspection form is to record the findings you get after performing a visual inspection of the equipment to be used, and the job site as a whole. This form helps you identify what needs to be fixed or replaced. Simply put, a job inspection form is like a checklist that you only tick off after verifying that a piece of equipment is in good working order.

For an effective job inspection form, make sure it is specific to the equipment being examined to ensure all the components necessary for smooth operations are tested. Traditionally, this form could only be found on paper. Luckily, today you can get these forms in digital formats that are compatible with mobile phones.

3. Invoice Forms

An invoice form can make an administrator’s life a lot easier and organized. This form contains the original work order concerning the completed work. It also features a customer’s details. Typically, an invoice form is used by companies to track payments. There are digital versions of these invoice forms that can be customized to notify the administrator whenever an invoice is paid out automatically. This way you get to save yourself a lot of money and time.

4. Employee Timesheet Forms

An employee timesheet form is used to track the total number of hours an employee has been working for, including breaks. This is how an employee timesheet works: when an employee reports to a job site, they sign in specifying the time they clocked in. After working, they sign-off to signify the end of a working day. An employee timesheet form is part of the process used to determine how much an employee is paid to avoid making unnecessary payments. An employee timesheet form is available in a digital format that is compatible with mobile phones.

5. Illness/Injury Report Forms

Your employees are human. They are bound to get injured on the job sometimes. When this happens, the best thing to do as an employer is to prepare a document detailing how it happened. An injury/illness report form helps you understand what steps to take. From the moment you hire them, the health and well-being of employees is your responsibility, but only when they are on the clock.

This type of form can accompany the employee to the hospital to make sure they get proper treatment. Digital versions of this form make speedy delivery possible, so appropriate actions can be taken. Once you fill it, it is automatically forwarded to the appropriate personnel for action.

6. Employee Evaluation Forms

An employee evaluation form is a document that contains the performance parameters an employee is required to meet and their score. The most important attribute of this form is the fact that it is easy to fill. You can use a 1-5 rating scale and a small section to note down the tested parameters. Having this form in a format compatible with phones allows you to easily access, store, and archive them securely. This eliminates the need for storage space.

7. Job Proposal Forms

A job proposal form is almost similar to a work order, but it contains the original agreement between the client and the service provider. This form comes in handy when there are disputes or questions regarding the proposed job. It indicates who proposed it and who signed off. This information is vital in making sure the customer and service provider have peace of mind before, during, and after the job. Just like the other forms, a digital job proposal form will save you time and money.

Forms are an essential part of any business. They ensure your business runs smoothly with minimum losses.

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