7 Marketing Techniques That Bring In Business Leads

When you’re able to generate organic traffic, marketing becomes a much more pleasurable task. No one likes reaching out to people cold and trying to convince them to work with their company. Focusing on bringing in organic leads makes it significantly easier to close sales on a daily basis. This post looks at seven different things your company can try to bring in more organic leads.

1. Eliminate Low-Quality Pages From Your Website

Low-quality pages hold a lot of website owners back from generating more organic traffic. Believe it or not, low-quality pages take away from your ability to generate organic traffic, even if the pages are unrelated to your main keywords. Take the time and scan your site for content with no traffic, no links and that aren’t bringing value to your audience. Get rid of these pages and monitor how search engines respond.

2. Target Keywords Once

Targeting the same keyword may seem like a good way to double up on traffic, but you just end up competing against yourself. Targeting the same keyword with multiple pages dilutes your website’s overall chances of ranking. When done correctly, you should only have to target a keyword once. Your cornerstone articles are usually long-form pieces of content for this reason.

3. Take Advantage Of Keyword Opportunities

One common mistake people make is only doing keyword research when their website is new. However the more traffic and analytics you collect, the easier it’ll be to uncover low competition keywords in your industry. You’ll notice your website ranking on the 2nd or 3rd pages for certain keywords with no effort; these are the keywords with potential to turn into large money makers in the future.

4. Produce Content That Your Audience Will Care About

The power of content people care about cannot be underrated. It’s easy to turn people into paying customers when they feel like your company is giving them value. If your blog posts are just rehashing common topics, you can expect small amounts of engagement. Finding out the topics your audience cares about will help you produce content that works to drive sales. Using a small business loan for marketing won’t be as effective unless you use content to drive home the sale.

5. Get Other People In Your Industry To Link To Your Site

Guest posting is a tactic that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. When search engines see that people in your industry are linking to your website, they tend to take you more seriously. It’s also easier to build authority with your audience when you can point to multiple sites in the industry that are linking to your website.

6. Get Active On Social Media

Staying active on social media goes a long way to establishing a consistent identity for your target audience. The majority of people nowadays are going to take the time to browse your website, your blog and social media profiles before deciding to do business with you. Use social media as more of a platform to communicate with your audience instead of trying to sell all the time.

7. Make Sure You’re Tracking All Your Efforts

One error you can’t afford to make in today’s climate is not tracking your efforts. Data is extremely valuable because you can make adjustments that result in real results. Tracking your website traffic, how people respond to certain types of content and your search engine rankings are all worth your time. Part of monitoring your efforts also includes split testing your marketing efforts.

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