7 Design Guidelines for Creating a Mascot Costume

Businesses, big and small, and individuals have realized the benefits of having a mascot. From use at promotional events to creating brand affinity, a mascot can come in handy in multiple occasions.

They are also great at creating more interactions with your audiences. They create higher brand recall for your business. They also help you stand out in a crowd of businesses.

Mascots are not just used by companies for promotional purposes. They are sometimes the products themselves. Or individuals may use mascots as part of their business or the services they offer. Whatever the reasons, the use of mascots have been on the rise, and the trend shows no signs of slowing down.

If you are in the market for getting a mascot, think about getting them custom made. Custom made mascots will ensure that you are making no compromises when it comes to what you want your mascot to exactly be. Once you have made the decision to get yourself a custom mascot, below are some of the things you should keep in mind during the entire process.

1. Ease of getting in and out

Before you ask anything else, or share any information, it is very important to establish how easy or difficult will it be to get in and out of the mascot costume. It may looks like a small thing to worry about, but it can save you hours of your time getting frustrated every time the mascot has to get ready. The ease of wearing the mascot costume will depend on a lot of things including the materials used to make the costume, and the shape and size of the costume. Keep all of them in mind and make sure you have the answer to how easy it will be before the work begins.

2. Ease of seeing from inside

More often than not, the person wearing your mascot costume will be in a crowded place. There, they will be expected to entertain and interact with the crowds, including children. It thus becomes very important that they have clear and ample visibility from inside of the costume. The issues that can be faced in case the costume provides hindered vision can be easily imagined. Clear visibility will also ensure there are no accidents.

3. The comfort levels

The person wearing a mascot costume often has to do it in uncomfortable weather conditions and for long periods of time. Thus, the costume has to be as comfortable to be in as possible. Things to keep in mind includes the ease of movement offered by the costume and the weight of the costume in general. An uncomfortable costume will take all the attention of the person inside of it away from being a great mascot and divert it to all the discomfort they are experiencing.

4. How hot does it get

A lot of mascot costumes make air circulation difficult. What this results in is a costume that gets very hot inside for the person wearing it. A costume that gets too hot will also result in the wearer losing their energy faster, which will show in the interaction of your mascot with the audience. And no one likes interacting with a tired looking mascot.

5. The cost

Custom made mascot costumes can get very expensive if you don’t keep a check on all the things that are included in its design. Make sure you get an estimate, and are happy with it, before you sign off the project.

6. The time

Making a custom mascot costume can be a time consuming activity. If you have any important events coming up, make sure you have accounted for the time required to make the mascot costume.

7. Lifespan

You won’t change your mascot frequently, so you need to make sure that the mascot costume is made in a way that will last for some years.

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