6 Shopping Best Practices at a Flower Shop

The moment you enter a flower shop, the breathtaking floral arrangements will bedazzle you. As you move from one floral arrangement to another, settling on the most ideal for your event can be a daunting challenge.

This, however, doesn’t have to be the case for you since I have put together a few tips to help you choose the right arrangement at a flower shop.

1. Ask for Advice

The staff at the store are likely to have more knowledge than you about flowers. Yes, the event is yours; and you have a good idea of what you want. However, the staff can help you concretize your choice. It does not hurt to ask for advice and recommendations. You will be amazed at how helpful they are at helping you choose the most suitable floral arrangement for your event.

2. Go for Occasion Appropriate Arrangement

The occasion determines the floral arrangement you should go for. For instance, on Valentine’s Day, bouquets are a traditional preference. Whatever occasion you have in mind, put some thought into the appropriate floral arrangement. While it is the thought that counts, a little effort into the arrangement with the highest impact will give expression to your thought. You want the arrangement to say; “I care about”, “I love you”, or whatever message you want to put across. Let the arrangement speak for you.

3. Be Creative and Adventurous

When you think about floral arrangements, what comes to mind? Well, to most people, red roses are a common choice. However, you should not limit yourself to red roses. Go out on a limb and incorporate other flower types such as orchids, lilies, etc. You will score high originality marks for having the guts to incorporate other varieties. Be a little adventurous and experiment with different arrangements until you get right one for your event. However, do not go too far into your imagination as to make the arrangement look confused. Kee it simple, interesting, daring, original, and relevant.

4. Get Creative with Colour

For impact, be a bit adventurous with colour. Break the rules when designing a Valentine’s Day arrangement at a time when the demand for red roses is very high. You are likely to get a fuller arrangement for other colours such as yellow, orange and bicolour blooms at a much lower cost.

5. Pick the Least Bloomed but Freshest Floral Arrangement

For your floral gift to last longer, avoid the fully bloomed flowers. Instead, pick the least bloomed and the freshest arrangement you can get. The longer your floral gifts last, so will the sentiments from your gift’s recipient. Of course, they will remember you long after they have thrown the now withered gift away, but it helps if they can see the flowers coming to full bloom before their eyes.

6. Shop Online

In today’s wired world, shopping online is the most convenient option. Besides the wide array of choices at your disposal with a click of a mouse, when ordering online, you are likely to get prices that are more competitive. It is, however, important to shop from a trusted online store with a reputable experience serving satisfied clients. Read those reviews and ratings to establish if an online flower store has satisfied customers in their portfolio.

Choosing the right arrangement at a flower shop depends on a number of factors. Key among these is the flower shop’s reputation of offering credible services as demonstrated by positive customer reviews and ratings. Beyond this, asking for advice at the flower shop and being creative and adventurous in your choice of colours, and picking the freshest least bloomed out of the bunch can help you settle on the best-suited arrangement for your event.

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