5 Wood Flooring Trends in 2020

Wood flooring can completely transform the look of a space, turning it from drab to something special. As Canada sees record levels of condo constructions, hotel development, and commercial buildings being built this year, wooden flooring is becoming a key trend utilized in several designs.

As a preferred style of flooring, wood flooring can help combat spaces without adequate lighting or at awkward angles. When used widely, you can make something interesting that highlights the right theme. Here are five wood flooring trends that are on-point in 2020.

Trend 1: Wide planks for your wood floor.

The larger and wider, the better. For open-concept living spaces and large rooms, wide wood planks are becoming more common. They add a strong sense of drama and warmth to almost any space, especially when combined with a vintage theme. The more authentic and rustic the look, the more emphasized your extra-wide wooden flooring will be. After installation, believe us when we say, wide planks look absolutely amazing although be careful using them in smaller spaces.

Trend 2: Scandinavian-style wood flooring.

Scandinavian-style wood flooring is sexy and high-class. If you’re looking for something wood yet dark, going with something Scandinavian style can be what you need. The pale wood look is replaced with a combination of greys and blacks. Simple and functional, you’ll see this style of wood flooring in condo developments across some of Canada’s major cities like Vancouver, Calgary, and Toronto. A lot of wood flooring in this style is also intelligently designed to be combined with underfloor heating, which is why it’s preferable in home living environments.

Trend 3: Ash-toned woods.

Ash-toned wood floors are one of 2020’s favourites and one of the most sought after looks in the New Year. Oak is a great choice for your ash-toned wood floor, featuring a toughness and high level of water resistance which makes it perfect across a wide array of different applications. Kitchens and other demanding environments are well-recommended to consider something in this vein. Any spills, dirt, and accidents can be easily wiped away, and won’t look terrible across ash-toned wooden floors like these.

Trend #4: Modern, contemporary rustic wood.

Classic white wood is still very much in vogue in 2020, being featured across walls and general woodwork projects. As it pertains to how contemporary rustic wood is applied in flooring, commercial businesses are using the look to help prevent rooms from looking dingy and cold. Contemporary rustic wood flooring is warm and filled with character. Choose one with interesting grain markings, knots, sapwood, mineral streaks, and/or that’s been sanded down smooth. Against the rigours of life, you’ll be glad to have something looking so good used on your flooring.

Trend 5: Color variants in wood flooring.

If you want to take a chance at something alternative to the usual, employing different shades of a color in your wood flooring can be one thing you might want to try. Consider different shades of brown, like moving from pale sand to a deep chocolate brown. When done right, they can add a lot to a room. On their own, they can be a talking piece – just as striking and beautiful as they are practical. Color variations continue to gain popularity in 2020. That said, we do recommend moving in shades rather than combining together multiple colors.

Wood floors continue to be used in residential, retail, and commercial environments to much acclaim. As one of 2020’s trendiest floor types, going with wood for your flooring might be just what your room needs to keep things contemporary, attractive, durable, and sustainable. If you’re interested in wood flooring for your condo, hotel, or commercial space, it might be the best decision you make!

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