6 Best Business Features of Cloud Storage

You may have heard of cloud storage before, essentially it is an online space where data can be stored. Important characteristics of cloud storage are as follows: it is provided by an external party, is information stored away from your local network and it can be accessed by authorized individuals who have connection to the Internet.

In the last few years, there has been a notable trend towards using electronic document storage instead of local systems to process and store data. Both individuals and businesses have benefited immensely from the cloud storage industry.

Cloud storage has made information sharing easier than ever thereby making our globalized world more efficient. Below is a list of six advantages to using cloud storage for both individuals and businesses.

1. Accessibility

Files can be shared easily with others using cloud storage. Anyone who has access to folders and the Internet has the ability to delete, add and alter files while updating everyone’s folder in real time.

In addition, there are options with cloud storage to sync folders to your computer desktop. By syncing folders to your device, folders can be edited while offline and, once the device is connected to the Internet, the folders will sync.

The way we work today is changing, many people prefer to work from home or away from the office. Cloud storage makes this easy for employees to work from anywhere, because their data is always accessible, without being disconnected from their fellow co-workers.

2. Less Emails

Instead of constantly emailing documents back and forth, folders can be shared with the appropriate recipients. Any changes you or the recipient make will be updated in the cloud meaning excessive emails will be avoided.

3. Hardware Damage

If your laptop or other hardware device becomes damaged, it is possible that certain folders and documents will be lost forever if stored on the hard drive. With cloud storage, this risk is completely eliminated because all your information is stored in the cloud. You can recover your information by using any device that has access to the Internet.

Many companies have a disaster plans for emergencies of all kinds, including data back-ups. A company’s information can be backed-up in a remote location using cloud storage.

4. Cost Savings

Storing data on a computer costs money because you have to pay for enough hardware storage to sustain your operational needs. By using cloud storage, you cut down on hardware storage costs. That being said, cloud storage comes with a price tag too, the cost varies depending on the company’s needs.

Companies who are paperless and use cloud storage instead save money on paper, ink and other related printing costs. Also, it is much simpler to sort online documents as opposed to paper documents.

Lastly, by using an external party to manage cloud storage for a company, the company cuts down on in-house IT department costs and can focus on their own goals. Prior to accessible cloud storage, companies desiring a cloud data center required a large, expensive IT team to manage the centers.

5. Security

With advancements in security features, the cloud has become one of the safest places to store your information. Since the information is not actually stored on your device, in the event that your device is stolen, you don’t need to worry about those individuals accessing your confidential information.

6. Communication and Collaboration

Today’s world of business requires input from a variety of specialists in order to produce an effective and successful outcome for projects. Because everything in the cloud is synced in real time and can be edited by everyone simultaneously, it is one of the leading ways to communicate and collaborate for school and work.

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