5 Shopping Tips for Futon Covers

How do you choose the right futon cover?

There are literally thousands of options at your disposal. Before you choose one type of futon cover over another, you will have to contend with price, pattern, size, and the colour. Whether you are looking for a strip pattern futon cover, a traditional floral print, microfiber, or a contemporary design futon cover, there are a few things you need to consider before buying one.

Factors to consider include the environment you live in, whether you have children or pets, etc. For instance, if you plan to put out your mattress outside, you might want to settle for an acrylic outdoor futon cover instead of a cotton one since it is mould and moisture resistant. If you have pets and children around, a microfiber cover is a better stain resistant, machine, and water repellant option.

That said, below are a few tips to guide you in choosing an appropriate futon cover.

1. Decide How It Will Be Used

Purpose informs form and function. How you intend to use the futon cover will determine the type and quality you should buy. Some people buy with the aim of changing an old futon or to shield it from dirt; especially in a home with pets and children. Knowing how you intend to use a futon helps you decide the type of futon to buy. The futon slipcover should also compliment your room décor, furnishing, and colours. The futon cover can be a vital part of your new home makeover and redesign.

2. Materials

This is another major consideration when selecting a futon cover. Depending on the function, your next step is to choose the appropriate futon cover material. Material choices include linen, polyester, wool, and spandex. Among the most common are polyester, and polyester and cotton blends. For heavily used furniture, heavy cotton futon covers are more durable. Consider dark-coloured covers that can easily hide stains besides protecting your furniture. If you are looking for a tight, less baggy effect, go for a thin stretchy polyester or a polyester blended futon cover.

For a variety of texture and appearance, polyester futon covers come in a range of options that include corduroy, velvets, and microsuede. Other considerations include futon covers with piping, which adds a decorative accent to protect and spice up your cover.

3. Size

Before getting a futon cover, measure your futon mattress first. Although most mattresses come in standard sizes, to be certain, it is always a smart move to measure the mattresses before choosing the appropriate futon slipcover. Measure the width, length and the height (loft) of the mattress. While most futon covers feature a standard height of between 6 and 8 inches, some retailers offer custom-made futon covers as well. The most important consideration here is to make sure your new futon cover is the right size for your futon mattress.

4. Colour

The colour of your futon cover is another major consideration. You get to decide whether you want it to blend in with the rest of your décor, or to contrast your existing décor for a touch of uniqueness and style. Ultimately, the colour you settle for depends on your taste, room design and décor.

5. Maintenance

Another consideration when shopping for a futon cover is the ease of maintenance. It should be washable and easy to maintain without affecting its colour.

Choosing the appropriate futon slipcover should not be difficult if you know what you are looking for. To choose the right futon cover, consider the purpose and intensity of use, whether there are kids or pets around, the appropriate size and material, and a colour that will complement the rest of your room décor.

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