The Top 7 Most Famous World Leaders in History

What does it take to be a good leader? Some may say these leaders have the ability to energize and inspire people through public speaking is leadership. Others may say that courage and nobleness is leadership. The truth is many things make up a leader, both these things are components of leadership among other things.

In the history of humanity, there have been some famous leaders who have influenced the world in a way that is irreversible. Below are seven of the most famous world leaders in history, and we could all learn a thing or two from them!

1. Julius Caesar

A famous roman military commander, Julius Caesar played a critical leadership role in the Roman Republic’s death and the rise of the Roman Empire. Julius was known to be a genius as well, he was very quick and smart on the battlefield and strategic off the battlefield. His actions and wit sparked inspiration in others, which bloomed a strong following from others.

Later in life, Julius Caesar was famously assassinated by his friend Brutus. You may have heard of the tragedy “Julius Caesar” written by Shakespeare which is based off of Julius’ life. Not many people have had plays written about them!

2. Martin Luther King Jr.

You probably have heard of Martin Luther King Jr.’s speech, “I have a dream”. His words and dream sparked hope and change in America during the civil rights movement. He is well known for his public speaking, but also his non-violent ways as a leader.

Without Martin Luther King Jr., racial equality and the society we have today may not have been possible. As a result of his inspiring actions, the famous leader Martin Luther King Jr. won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964. It is wonderful that he was recognized for his accomplishments!

3. Adolf Hitler

While Adolf Hitler committed horrible acts against humanity and terrible crimes throughout his career, this does not mean he was not a famous and influential leader. In fact, Adolf was responsible for a lot of good in Germany in his time, it is unfortunate things took a turn for the worst.

Adolf’s most notable achievements are his public speaking skills, military expansion and strong economic growth plans. On the other hand, Adolf taught society that being a famous world leader doesn’t mean you have the best intentions at heart. That’s definitely something to consider as a future leader!

4. Nelson Mandela

This famous world leader’s name should be one that you’re familiar with, if not, get familiar! Nelson Mandela was the first democratically elected President of South Africa, definitely an achievement. He is commonly known for his fight against racial discrimination which put him in prison for a long time, yet his intentions were never swayed or altered.

Upon Mandela’s release from prison, South Africa became free and everyone was entitled to a better future as every person was considered to be equal. It is impeccable that Mandela went through so much but was able to stay so strong!

5. Alexander, The Great

You know that when people commonly refer to you as “The Great” you’ve done something… well, great! That is precisely what Alexander, The Great did during his lifetime. More specifically, Alexander is famous for being the greatest military leader of all time.

Alexander, The Great was born in 356 BC and he had the largest empire in the history of the world by age 33. His empire stretched from Egypt to Greece to India, which is quite some coverage, especially in his time! While in power, Alexander was the king of the Kingdom of Macedonia, participated in the unification of many Greek city states and was undefeated in battle.

6. Abraham Lincoln

An older American president, Abraham Lincoln is famously known for his leadership in America through rough times. To be specific, Abraham lead America through the Civil War by striving to keep the people of America together and united. Without Lincoln’s leadership, America would’ve been divided into many small countries instead of one big country.

Another amazing accomplishment of Abraham Lincoln was his abolishment of slavery in the USA. There is something heartwarming about this act, it shows Abraham had a dream of helping others, regardless of the political and social environment at the time. Today, reducing racism and stereotyping is important to many and has made the world a better place, none of which would’ve been possible without Abraham!

7. Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi is known as a famous world leader throughout the tyrannical rule of the British. He practiced ahinsa which is where he developed his ideas of fighting silently and being non-violent.

Gandhi successfully secured freedom for India by being truthful and honest. During his leadership, he never hurt a soul either. Once freedom was obtained in India, Gandhi became the face of India which is how he came to be the Father of the Nation. His noble and peaceful actions make him one of the greatest and inspirational leaders to walk the Earth!

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