How to Pack Odd Shaped Items for Moving

When it comes to packing up your things to move to a new location, it can become quite complicated. There is an abundance of tasks to finish in timely order, besides the obvious packing elements. After you finish those tasks and get to your packing, it is important to get organized.

Your belongings will not always be as easy to pack as others. Some of your possessions will be oddly shaped or awkwardly constructed in a manner that requires some reconfiguration. As a result, you will have to pay attention to how these items are packed.

Use these tips on how to pack odd shaped items for moving:

Tip #1: Get your packing supplies

Any moving job will require several essential materials for putting them into a box. The same resources will do the job just fine whether your items are oddly shaped. Start by getting several boxes that will be used to house your belongings.

It is generally recommended to get boxes of various shapes and sizes, especially regarding the latter. You should also get some cushioning materials, which will allow your items to be secured once tucked away. These resources will ensure that your items are secured effectively, from bubble wrap to duct tape. Shop at The Packaging Company to obtain your supplies.

Tip #2: Secure the odd shaped items

Those belongings that happen to be constructed in a strange shape ensure they are protected keys. It is not just a matter of putting them away into a box, taping them off, and placing them into your moving vehicle. Rather, the item itself needs to have additional layers of security before placing it into a box.

Sometimes, these items could be fragile; you must ensure they are protected even more. Grab some of your bubble wraps, and place the item into a few layers of the material. You will probably have to take your time in ensuring the item is properly wrapped up so that it does not become opened in its box.

Tip #3: Box padding

When you are finished wrapping up your items into extra levels of security, take a look at your boxes. Do not just think that a simple placement of your items into the respective box will be the final result. Instead, add some supplementary padding to the inner parts of each box used.

This could come in the form of the bubble wrap you have used earlier or other related resources. Most individuals will look to use inexpensive materials such as old newspapers or blankets. These additional levels of cushioning will go a long way in ensuring your items remain safeguarded.

Tip #4: Label your packing boxes

As mentioned previously, staying organized while packing up all your items will be essential. One of the best ways to stay on top of your game is to physically label the exterior of your boxes. Ensure the label reflects that sentiment for the fragile and oddly shaped housing items.

For instance, you could indicate that the respective box must be handled with care. Or, a label could be written to say be careful when moving around. Ensure that your labels are legible and written in a clear, large manner. No matter what items you pack away, labels will always be important to consider.

Tip #5: Custom boxes

If large boxes are not as ideal as you liked them, getting your hands on customized ones may be time. Custom boxes can be made to fit the same dimensions of items with the same dimensions. It is recommended to use these if you have a large quantity of the same, oddly shaped belongings.

In addition, these boxes do not have to be as expensive as you’d think they’d be. Head to a department store, and inquire about what boxes they have. Usually, you will find the casing you are looking for due to the large breadth of products.

Tip #6: Carry by hand

Some individuals lacking available boxes can do this by carrying some of their items by hand. If the distance from both locations is rather short, and you have a small amount of these items, simply carefully put them in a bag!

Tip #7: Extra support

In some cases, packing by yourself may not be as easy as once thought. Instead, you will have to get a second pair of hands to move your items. This makes things easier, but the time it takes to pack is lessened. As the adage goes, two hands are always better than one!

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