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Justin is a journalism student from Ottawa, Canada. Since a young age, he has felt a passion for writing along with a knack for asking curious questions, which guided him into his current path today.

If you’re in the market for furniture for your bedroom, you’ll want to make the right choice. There’s no doubt that purchasing high-quality items may be expensive. Taking the right amount of time to choose furniture that suits your needs and allows you the proper enjoyment is ideal. However, you should be aware of the right things to do and avoid the wrong ones. Knowing specific tips that will enable you to make the right purchase is sure to be helpful.

Canada is fast becoming a very popular country for international students. This is due to the great respect that many countries have for Canada’s universities and colleges and also the booming economy. Many see Canada as the new land of opportunity and a student visa or study permit to be a very attractive way to get their international careers off to the right start. As a foreign national, you will not be able to come to Canada and pursue an education without a study permit. So, how do you get one? Read on to learn the 5 essential steps to…

Are you hiring a black car service anytime soon? Chances are, if you have a holiday party, an upcoming wedding, or a special event, then it’s likely you’re going to be selecting one. But how do you go about hiring one of these services? Here are five tips for hiring a black car service:

Each year, hundreds of Ontario college graduates embark upon the journey to find reputable employment in a tremendously crowded job market. Many of these graduates quickly learn that, while they may not have considered teaching as a profession during their undergraduate careers, this position has now become attractive. Not only do teachers enjoy a reasonable 7am to 3pm daily schedule, but they often receive paid leave for vacations and holidays that most businesses completely ignore. If teaching has recently become an attractive career and you’re only in need of a slight nudge in the right direction, here are the top…

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