9 Home Staging Tips and Best Practices for Properties

Are you looking to stage your home for sale or are a realtor who is selling homes and want to ensure that you use the right combination of décor and furniture to interest your clients? Read on and you will find some interesting tips to improve the presentation of any type of home you are selling.

Well planned staging is key to drawing the buyer’s attention. They can effectively help in communicating with the buyers on how the home will look with the right decor, colors and furniture. Although staging appears to be an easy task, it is usually carried out by experienced experts.

Without proper guidance, you can end up with a jumbled mismatch of items that make the home look unattractive. There are experts who follow proper home staging steps and who are certified stagers. These experts offer professional recommendations to setting up a vacant or even occupied space.

1. Professional home staging

A professional home stager is able to transform any home and make it look attractive immediately to the buyer. They offer consultation to review your goals and offer recommendations. You will sell your home quickly than expected!

2. Occupied space

Home staging in an occupied space is important as you still have to make sure that every room is presentable when potential buyers are viewing the home. If you hire a home stager, they are able to use your existing furniture and accessories to improve the appearance of your home.

3. Vacant space

A vacant space drastically changes with the right furniture and accessories. With a well-planned decor, buyers are able to visualize the space more realistically. This is an important factor when buyers are touring the home. A properly furnished home will help them make a decision on whether to invest in the home.

4. Color scheme

Use a color that is appealing and works well throughout the home. It does not have to be the same shade in every room, but all the different colors should blend well for the entire home to stand out.

5. Budget and return on investment

You may think that home staging is a big cost. However, you can recover these costs with the price of your home. A well-presented and decorated home increases in value. Also home staging can be accomplished with most of the existing furniture if it is an occupied space. This way you save on rentals.

6. Decluttering

Clutter is a distraction during the tour and can discourage a potential home buyer. Make sure to put away excess clutter in storage and not in your closets. Clutter can also impact your selling price. According to experts, it can be 5% or less of your home value.

7. Freshen up

Replace rugged furniture, use nice bed linen and apply inexpensive paint to brighten rooms. Always try to give a room a purpose to help the buyer make a better decision.

8. Replace lighting fixtures

Proper and bright lights can enhance any space. Outdated lighting fixtures might discourage the buyer. Also add a good balance of floor and table lamps to enhance the lighting in the room. If the buyer has a clear and bright vision of the home, they will want to buy it. Lighting is important so balance the natural light and interior lightings for the best impression.

9. Always have the home looking its best

Home staging will sell your home faster. You can immediately optimize the look of your property without having to spend too much money. A home stager will provide you with a suitable solution that works within your budget.

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