8 Practical Features of Cabinet Coolers

Effectively cooling electronics can prevent overheating, protect the electronics, enhance performance and improve component life. Cabinet coolers are an affordable solution to keep electronics as well as control panels cool. These units are affordable, offer low maintenance and are easy to install. There are many electronics that are sensitive to heat and contamination. Cabinet coolers eliminate the sensitivity issues and all other host of problems such as loss of productivity and machine breakdown.

They operate using filtered compressed air and the vortex tube technology. This technology provides a long-lasting cooling solution without any moving parts. Due to its efficiency and unique operations, this unit is effective in dirty and dusty environments. The pressure within the tube prevents dust, debris or contaminates from entering and it pushes the dust out of the pipe. As you can see, the benefits are just endless.

Here are the main benefits for considering a cabinet cooler for your organization’s electronics:

1. It can work in harsh environments

Dirt, dust and contaminants can damage the electronic components. Having a sealed system prevents any environmental contaminants from entering the enclosure. The cabinet cooler uses compressed air that is clean and dry making it suitable for any type of harsh environment. The cooler produces a pressure inside the enclosure to prevent dirt or dust from entering even in the most challenging environments. This keeps components always clean.

2. It uses Vortex Tube Technology

The Vortex Tube Technology solves many issues related to protecting and cooling electronics. This unique technology does not incorporate any moving parts. It simply uses an internal vortex tube to convert compressed air into a low-pressure cold air stream that is circulated throughout the cabinet enclosing the electronics.

3. Inexpensive solution

Any organization including yours may think it is expensive to install this type of technology. You and your organization will be surprised on how affordable cabinet coolers are for all types of electronics such as computers, touch screen control panels and even large electrical panel boxes. This technology is efficient, reliable and can prevent any heat or dirt related shutdowns.

4. Highly durable

It is possible to think that the low cost of the units indicate that they are not long lasting. Contrary to this, these units are durable. They generate cool air that focuses on a specific area and they can sustain high volumes of heat.

5. Low maintenance

Cabinet coolers function effectively without moving parts. With no moving parts, there is less wear and tear. Furthermore, no dirt or dust gets caught in the system that can damage the various components of the electronics. This also prevents a complete shutdown. Another advantage is that the unit operates quietly with no disruptions. You can be sure that your electronics receive the cool air it needs.

6. Prevents production downtime

The Vortex Tube Technology eliminates the many problems that occur such as dirt and humid air being pulled in that can immediately affect the electronics’ performance. Electronics are continuously protected preventing unexpected shutdowns or downtime.

7. Easy installation

Apart from being affordable, easy to maintain and durable, cabinet coolers are easy to install. These units are compact. It takes about an hour or less to install and can be mounted immediately without other provisions. They even work well in cabinets that have space constraints.

8. Effective control

The cabinet coolers can be purchased with an electric thermostat that maintains tight control on the temperature. You can set the desired temperature for the enclosure. You do not have to worry about electrical connection or wiring for the thermostat. The thermostatic control helps to reduce operating costs and save energy.

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