Top 10 Reasons to Become a Teacher in Ontario

Each year, hundreds of Ontario college graduates embark upon the journey to find reputable employment in a tremendously crowded job market. Many of these graduates quickly learn that, while they may not have considered teaching as a profession during their undergraduate careers, this position has now become attractive. Not only do teachers enjoy a reasonable 7am to 3pm daily schedule, but they often receive paid leave for vacations and holidays that most businesses completely ignore. If teaching has recently become an attractive career and you’re only in need of a slight nudge in the right direction, here are the top 20 reasons to become a teacher in Ontario!

1. Shaping the minds of future Canadian leaders 
One of the most frequently stated reasons for becoming a teacher in Ontario is the ability to influence young minds who will one day lead the country.
2. Reliable Payment and Benefit Packages 
Ontario teachers receive some of the most well-developed benefits packages in the country. Teaching as a profession also offers reliable monthly payments that many other post graduate jobs lack.
3. Time To Pursue Other Interests
Teaching also offers a schedule that allows the pursuit of other interests. Whether teachers are interested in furthering education, developing new skills, or spending time with family, their schedules allow it.
4. Excellent Career For Maintaining Families
Many parents and future parents flock to the teaching field because it has proved to be an excellent career for maintaining traditional family life. Because teaching hours often align with the hours children are in school, parents are available at home.

5. Flexible Schedules
Teaching schedules also allow breaks for emergencies or unplanned activities without much advance notice. If your child needs to visit the dentist, you will be there!


6. Chance to Change Instructional Behaviors 
Some graduates of teachers college have expressed interest in the teaching profession with hopes to change the way instruction is given in the classroom. As an insider this is possible.


7. Help Students to Love Learning 
Teaching also offers the opportunity to help young people to love education. By implementing modern standards for instruction given during Ontario teacher training, teachers can greatly improve the learning experience of their pupils.

job security

8. Fantastic Job Security
If you seek a career that will be around for the rest of your life, teaching is it! The job outlook for teachers continues to expand each year with the development of new teacher additional qualifications.


9. Vacations Galore
There are also individuals who are drawn to teaching as a profession strictly because of the vacation time they receive. Teacher’s vacation days rival the time offered at any other business. They receive the entire summer off.


10. Retirement Programs 
The retirement program offered to Ontario teachers is substantial and also draws many individuals to the field of teaching.

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