4 Great Marketing Jobs in Canada

The field of marketing is a fruitful field that the nation expects to increase significantly over the course of the next few years in the Interlake and North Central regions. You may be thinking about obtaining a job in the field of marketing. If so, then you are traveling along a wonderful path. The following for five jobs that you can obtain in the marketing field:

Promotions Coordinator

A promotions coordinator is a creative and artistic person who has a great deal of patience. This is a person who puts together promotional strategies for the sales team. This person knows what it will take to sell the product, and he or she tries to implement those strategies to benefit the company. This job has an excellent salary that varies according to the area. Residents in the Hamilton Ontario area can earn $67CAD per hour.

Marketing Coordinator

The marketing coordinator has many responsibilities like ordering promotional items, developing ad campaigns, tracking sales information and collecting data. The average salary of such a person is about $50CAD per hour in the Calgary region.

Graphic Design Specialist

A graphic design specialist is something who creates promotional materials such as signs. This person may also create website designs. The average salary of someone who lands a job as a graphic design specialist is about $38CAD per hour.

Social Media Manager

A social media manager is a person who controls a company’s social media website. This individual may create posts for sites like Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus. A social media manager may also be responsible for communicating with customers and ensuring that appropriate material is on the sites. A social media manager may be the one who identifies target customers and entices them to obtain products and services. Social media managers can make $83CAD in certain areas.

Marketing Executive

A marketing executive is someone who leads. This person has a good handle on pricing operations, strategies and what makes a salesperson a good salesperson. The marketing executive earns the same amount of money that a social media manager makes, and it varies according to the location.

Personality Traits for Marketing Jobs

You need to have certain personality traits to succeed in advertising jobs. The marketing recruiters and headhunters will be looking for someone who is energetic, persuasive, detail-oriented and passionate about making results happen. Marketing jobs are for persistent people who like to keep pushing at success until they obtain it. If you possess these qualities, then you make a wonderful candidate for a job in marketing. Make sure your list of work experience is relevant when you apply for marketing positions and that you notify the potential employer of any problems that may arise.

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