3 Document Shredding Tips For Your Business

Choosing a document destruction company for your business is an important decision. Look for a company that is certified by the National Association of Information Destruction (NAID) to ensure you are choosing a reputable company. Document shredding companies that are certified offer the assurance that the company follows the strict document destruction requirements of the NAID. The companies also undergo unannounced audits from the NAID to ensure compliance is followed.

The Paper Shredding Process

Most shredding companies that come to your business will provide locked security containers for your confidential documents. A shredding technician will collect your documents and bring them back to the record destruction company. They are then emptied into an industrial-strength shredder for complete and monitored destruction according to the standards of NAID. The shredded paper gets recycled back into paper that is then used in offices.

Why Your Business Should Shred Documents

The number one reason to shred business documents is to comply with laws that state you must protect your customer’s personal information. Shredding also benefits the environment by recycling unwanted papers. It also frees up much-needed office space by removing tons of paper documents. Businesses are also at risk for identity theft.

Shredding documents will keep private information out of the hands of thieves. If you decide to invest in a shredder for the office, then make sure it can handle a lot of paper. You can save money by purchasing your own shredder, but you will need to assign an employee to the task. Identity theft is on the rise and can happen in the office or online.

Office Security Tips

Make sure that only key employees have access to sensitive customer information. Create strict rules to accessing personal customer data. You can also save sensitive customer information in the cloud with limited access. Start the office in the paperless direction by minimizing paperwork. Many financial institutions, credit card companies and other business are switching to paperless statements and bills. Storing paper files is no longer cost-effective for most companies.

If you decide to hire a professional shredding service, then make sure they also offer e-waste services for your office electronic devices. When the time comes to replace your computer systems, you will need a secure e-waste company to wipe the drives of sensitive data. You will need to destroy office backup tapes and hard drives when purchasing a new computer system.

Limit employee access to business files that contain sensitive information that should remain confidential. Some thieves go through the dumpsters where businesses get rid of their computers. Your business secrets and security could be at-risk unless you use a professional e-waste company. Identity theft is a growing problem found throughout the world.

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