Dentist Career: 9 Pros and Cons of Being a Dentist

If you are thinking about a career in dentistry, then you probably want to learn more about the dental profession. The good news is that dentistry is a great job that comes with many dental education and career opportunities. You don’t have to take our word for it. We know that you will be doing a lot of your own research on the pros and cons of being a dentist.

One of the best ways to learn more about the day to day life of a dentist is to ask one. You might even be able to shadow the dentist for a day and get a look at what they do all day. Next time you are at your dentist, feel free to ask them all of the questions that you have. They will be able to give you honest answers and put any worries you have to bed.
To help you along with your research into the world of dentistry, this list contains the pros and cons of being a dentist:


1. Salary

The salary is one of the best pros of being a dentist. This lucrative career can offer you a great salary, not only do you have a fair amount of money in your pocket, but you also have a secure and stable income. That is until someone invents a toothpaste that will protect teeth and gums for life, which is very unlikely.

2. Respect

As a dentist, you will get a great deal of respect. It is seen as caring, intelligent and a pillar of the community. After all, everyone needs to go to the dentist at some point in your life so they will know very well how important your role is. So you get to enjoy all of the benefits of being a dentist and you’ll get the respect of your peers. That’s a pretty good deal.

3. It’s sociable

You’ll get to work with other like-minded people who are also very intelligent. Dental hygienists will support you in your role as a dentist. Teamwork is a very important part of the dental profession. You will also get to meet your patients. They will be from all walks of life and you will have some fascinating conversations over your career. The best part is that over time you will build very strong relationships with your patients. You will hear about their engagement, wedding, and you might even end up being the dentist for their children too!

4. No two days are the same

This might be a pro, or it might be a con. If you like to meet new people and treat every day as a new adventure then you will enjoy the variety of things that can happen you a dentist during the day. There is never a dull moment as each patient will bring something unique and interesting through the door of your office.

5. You set your own hours

This might sound great on the surface, but the truth is that you will have to work a lot to maintain a practice. If and when you decide to block out half a day to go golfing or whatever else you want to do, you can. As your own boss, you will be able to set hours that suit your needs.


1. Dental education can be expensive

This is true. However, education is expensive no matter what you are studying. At least choosing dentistry you know that you will be able to make the money back through your successful dental career. Not only is education something that you will need to enter dentistry but you will have to account for the ongoing costs of continuing education in dentistry. This is essential for every dentist who wants to stay on the top of their game at all times.

2. Stress

As you are dealing with the oral health of your patients, you might find the job can be a little stressful at times. You will be under a great deal of pressure to ensure that your patients are as comfortable as possible during their visit.

The safety of your patients is paramount. This constant pressure can take it’s toll, although with the right training and practice this will be manageable.

3. Working weekends

Sometimes, you might have to work on the weekend. This will only be in emergency situations, but to provide the best level of care for all of your patients you might need to be on call during irregular hours. Trust us, if you are there to save the day when a patient has their teeth knocked out, they will be your patient for life.

4. Patients that require extra… well, patience

Sometimes you will find that a patient of yours requires an extra level of care. No one really enjoys the dentist, some might even fear it. This is why you will see a whole manner of different emotions displayed by your patients. This will include anger, fear, nervousness. It will take some real fortitude to make it through some of the tougher days as a dentist. It is worth it though we promise. The rewards far outweigh the challenges.

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