9 Most Famous Investors of All Time

When it comes to the most famous investors, there are a few that are household names because they are so wealthy and some that are only known within the financial community. Regardless of how well known these famous investors are, those who are great at managing money are universally respected, even if there is a hefty amount of jealousy attached to that respect.

While these investors all have different strategies and philosophies when it comes to growing their money, one thing ties them all together. They’re all rich. It is every famous investor’s dream to make enough to retire and live the life they have always wanted to.

Here is a list with the most famous investors of all time:

1. John Templeton

This is one of the most famous investors who has seen everything when it comes to the highs and lows of the market. John Templeton has been lauded as “The greatest stock picker of the century” and was knighted by the Queen of England for his many success and contributions to the world of finance.


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2. Warren Buffett

When it comes to a list of famous investors, here is a household name if there ever was one in the finance community. Warren Buffett is considered to be one of the most successful and wealthy investors in the history of investing. He grew his fortune through buying stocks for thousands of dollars and watching them grow into multimillion dollars worth of stock.

His style of investment is known for its discipline and temperance. He has shown that it takes more than luck to make it in on the trading floor. His performance over the decades has been nothing short of extraordinary.


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one of the most successful and wealthy investors


3. Thomas Rowe Price, Jr.

Consistency is key to Thomas Rowe Price, Jr’s approach to investment. At the time of his greatest early success, he was investing in companies that were already successful. This was seen as counterintuitive at the time as few people were thinking about the long term gains that can be had by adopting this approach.

The standard approach to investing was to back a growing company and hope that they made it big. This sometimes worked, and sometimes people lost everything. Thomas Rowe Price, Jr. has been hailed as the father of growth investing. His approach is centred around thorough and detailed research on every company that he considers buying into.


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4. Benjamin Graham

This man’s legacy included two very important disciplines that are still used today. Security analysis and value investing. Excelling as not only an investor, Benjamin Graham also worked as an educator in the field of finance.

Graham was a great believer in paying under what an investment was actually worth.

He was another big fan of detailed research on a companies books and steered clear of any business that was carrying large amounts of debt. His method forms some of the fundamentals that many who are new to the game of investing will use.


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5. John Neff

With a novel approach to investment, John Neff would invest in industries that were on the rise through indirect means. He was considered one of the most famous investors at the time and he was very good at making money.


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6. Jesse Livermore

With no education in investment or training to speak of, this famous investor was largely self-made when it came to the investment game. He learned from his mistakes and many of his trading ideas are commonly used in today’s markets. He is known for his ability to identify the best rates in the investment market and then capitalize on his profits.


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7. John Bogle

Known by his peers as Jack, Bogle founded the Vanguard Group mutual fund and grew this into one of the biggest fund sponsors in the world. A huge fan of low-cost index investing, he was the first investor to come up with the no-load mutual fund. His style was to passively manage a series of no-load, low-cost investments at a broad level.


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8. Carl Icahn

Carl Icahn was more than an investor. He was very aggressive and was no stranger to force a company to make big changes in order to increase its share price. He has several hostile takeovers under his belt and is no stranger to controversy. His hostile takeover of TWA in 1985 put him on a lot of people’s radar.

Carl’s name has even entered the lexicon of the wall street trader. The “Icahn Lift” is what happens when he invests in any company. There is an uptick in the price of the shares purely because he has bought shares.


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9. Peter Lynch

In just over 20 years, Peter Lynch managed to grow the investment portfolio of Fidelity Magellan Fund from $20 million to $14 billion. This is an extraordinary achievement and with him at the helm, they continued to see great success. This famous investor picked up the nickname of the chameleon as he was very adept at adapting to any current investment style. This dynamic approach to investing demonstrated that you don’t always have to stick to one play and keep running it.


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