8 Steps to Advance Your Supply Chain Management Career

The world’s economy is largely fueled by supply chains. The complexity of these supply chains requires those working in this field to have a detail-oriented vision, and an overall understanding of what it takes to get a finished product to the consumer.

A career in supply chain management opens the door to some of the best-paying jobs in the market today. Without the requisite training in supply chain management, it is very difficult to pursue a career in this field.

The reality is that there are more jobs available in supply chain management than there are qualified people to fill those positions. Therefore, taking an appropriate supply chain management course is the first step into this lucrative field. To break into this lucrative career, you are most likely going to follow these steps:

1. Get the Requisite Training

As noted above, taking a supply chain management course is necessary to stand a better chance of getting a job in this field. Without this training as a basic minimum qualification, chances of starting a career in supply chain management are almost inexistent.

2. Spruce up Your Resume

While getting the requisite training is necessary, a properly designed and updated resume gets you through the door. Your resume should highlight the skills that most closely match the requirements of a career in this field. It should also profile attributes of a successful supply chain professional that you possess.

3. Be an Effective Communicator

To be an efficient supply chain professional, you need to be an effective communicator. This is because you will interact with people across the various levels of the company such as those in procurement and logistics. You will also most likely oversee some aspects of inventory, and coordinate purchases and transportation. All these require excellent communication skills.

4. Get Analytical Skills

This is one of the most important skills in supply chain management. Without it, you might as well say goodbye to a career in this field. Analyzing statistical data, quarterly financial reports, and sales figures is an integral part of a career in this field. The ability to analyze data and summarize it into vital actionable information is a crucial role of a supply chain manager.

5. Excel in Relationship Management

In the course of your work as supply chain personnel, you will be required to negotiate with vendors and to manage the supply chain process from the beginning to end. This calls for expertise in establishing and maintaining healthy relationships with the main players across the supply chain spectrum.

6. Become Detail Oriented

If you thrive on details, a career in supply chain management would be your best dream realized. In the course of your work, you will be required to examine transportation initiatives, investigate third-party service providers, do supplier audits, and conduct contract administration duties among a host of other tasks that require meticulous attention to detail.

7. Get Expert Excel and Access Skills

In supply chain management, databases and spreadsheets are a vital part of the day-to-day operations, especially when tracking the movement of goods from production to the end consumer. Expert skills in Access and Excel are therefore vital for a successful career in supply chain management.

8. Gain Proven Negotiating Skills

In the course of your work as a supply chain employee, you will be required to negotiate contracts with vendors while sourcing raw materials. Your success in negotiating such contracts is a strong requirement for a career in this field, especially if you are hoping to be promoted to managerial level.

Taking a supply chain management course could set you on a lucrative career path in a discipline that is guaranteed to never become obsolete. While the processes and tools of the trade in this field may change, the desire for products and services that meet people’s daily needs will be with us as long as the earth remains, which means that a career in supply chain management is guaranteed to survive the onslaught of evolving technologies.

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