8 Recommendations on What to Wear With a Black Hoodie

Wearing black coloured clothes is a basic look. Basics are basics for a reason: they are simple but elegant.

Hoodies are not generally seen as being the most fashionable item. In fact, it’s probably something that you would choose to wear lounging around home on your day off or sitting around a campfire. Hoodies have a reputation for comfort and warmth, not style.

This is not necessarily the reality though. The simple elegance of black with the right combination of other clothes can make the hoodie into a fashionable garment. Even though it will never be something that you can wear to your next office meeting, it can be a fashionable item to wear in your day-to-day life.

Below are the eight recommendations on what to wear with a black hoodie:

1. Black Hoodie withjeans

If you are looking on what to wear with a black hoodie, you can’t go wrong with hoodies and jeans. Naturally then, they go together well. A black hoodie will work with pretty much any pair of jeans. That’s one of the wonderful things of black items and of classics like the hoodie. A classic pair of blue jeans are best, but the details are up to you: skinny, straight, low waist, high waist, ripped, light or dark will all work.

You might want to be careful of wearing it with black jeans though. Black on black will work, but as it is very dark, make sure that that is the route that you want to go before trying it.

2. Black hoodie with leggings

If sporty is what you are going for and you’re a woman this is your best bet. It’s classic workout wear: hoodie + leggings. Since the hoodie is black, this is a great opportunity to try out leggings in different colours or featuring patterns. You can also wear custom printed hoodies for a truly distinct and unique design.

3. Black hoodie with a mini-skirt

Again, mostly for the ladies. This makes for a playful look. A big black hoodie will contrast with a much smaller skirt.

Further, since the hoodie is black it gives you the freedom to play around with different colours, patterns and textures on the skirt. Importantly it allows you to do this without the end result coming off as too loud.

4. Black hoodie under a bomber jacket

Bomber jackets give a casual yet badass look, typical of inner-city styles. Further, bomber jackets are trendy now, meaning that you will look like someone who is both badass and who knows their stuff. The combination of the bomber jacket and the hoodie gives the outfit a subtle athleisure influence and softens the look.

Added bonuses? It’s a look that works on any gender and one that will keep you warm on those chilly fall and winter days.

Fun fact: Hoodies were actually designed to keep people warm. They were designed by a company called Champion Products in the 1930s in order to keep athletes warm when they trained in bad weather.

5. Black hoodie under a denim jacket

The perfect way to get a look that is both casual and cool. Jean jackets are trendy now, so there are no faux-pas here. The look will work with pretty much any denim jacket (just make sure that it’s large enough to accommodate both you and the hoodie!), but with a black hoodie a classic blue denim will make for a nice contrast in colours.

Added bonuses? The same as above: the look works for everybody and will keep you extra warm.

6. Black hoodie under a leather jacket

It seems that hoodies go well under a lot of jackets! Leather jackets give a tough edgy look, and also give an inner-city vibe.

The exact leather jacket that you choose will determine your exact look. For example, a biker jacket will give you a particularly tough and edgy vibe. The addition of a black hoodie underneath will soften the look slightly, but only a little.

A black hoodie, as opposed to one of another color, will not stand out much, making the look particularly tough and edgy. It will also keep you really warm.

7. Black hoodie with sunglasses

More an accessory than clothing. Sunglasses will badass-up any outfit. Choose ones with black frames and lenses to make for a sleek look.

8. Black hoodie with light fabrics

Different hoodies are made with different fabrics. The classic hoodie is baggy and made of thick fabric, to keep athletes warm on miserable days. These are great if you are planning on hanging out around a campfire with your friends or if you are indeed one of these athletes.

It is easy to dress-up a hoodie without even having to pair it with particular other pieces. It’s as easy as choosing the right one. That is, one that is less baggy and made out of a lighter and thinner fabric. Hoodies are gaining in popularity, so there is a lot of selection out there.

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