8 Best Practices to Protect Your Corner Guards

Damaged walls can make any place look bad, and we all know wall corners are where most of the damage tends to occur. Fortunately, you can protect your corners with corner guards to prevent more costly repairs and maintenance.

There are different types of corner guards available, and this guide will help you choose the right ones to protect your corners and prevent wear and tear.

1. Consider how much traffic there is in your building

There are different types of corner guards available. Some are flexible, while others are very sturdy. Don’t just assume that you should buy the strongest corner guards you can find; what matters is that you find the ones that match your needs.

If you want to protect the corners of your office building, vinyl corner guards could be perfect for you. If you want to protect the corners of an industrial warehouse, however, you will need something much stronger, such as metal corner guards.

2. Think about the temperature

If you are shopping for corner guards for a warehouse, or facilities where extreme temperature changes can be an issue, it could influence your final decision. Metal corner guards can rust because of moisture or humidity, but vinyl can crack because of extreme temperature changes.

3. Think about time

Time is anothing thing you should think of. Corner guards will protect your walls from damages, but they won’t last forever and will eventually need to be replaced. Choose strong corner guards that will last for a long time or, if you are planning to move in the near future, choose cheaper ones.

4. Decide if the look of your corner guards matters to you

You want your corner guards to protect your corners. But what if they could also look good? Well, they can.

If you are thinking about adding corner guards to a stylish office space, choose corner guards that can be painted, or that look elegant on their own. If you want to add corner guards to a commercial kitchen or an industrial building, their appearance might not really matter.

5. Flexible corner guards are made from vinyl or rubber

Vinyl or rubber corner guards are perfect for office spaces, or areas where there is not a lot of foot traffic. They can come in different designs and colours.

However, looking good and being flexible doesn’t prevent them from being tough, and being able to protect wall corners so they won’t crack or chip.

6. Aluminum corner guards compliment any space

If you need something more sturdy to protect your wall corners from different sources of potential danger, aluminum corner guards could be exactly what you need.

They come in different styles, finishes and lengths, they are strong enough for industrial applications, and they look good enough to compliment any space.

7. Stainless steel corner guards are the toughest there are

Stainless steel corner guards are ideal when you need maximum protection. They look great and come in different finishes, but you can count on them to withstand high impacts. When you need maximum strength and durability to protect your corners, choose stainless steel.

8. Order some samples if you can

If you are still not sure which corner guards are best for your needs, why not start by ordering a few samples? Most manufacturers of corner guards will let you order samples so you can test them, and see what they look like when you put them in place.

If you’re satisfied with your samples, you will feel good about placing a larger order to protect all of your wall corners.

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