8 Best Part-Time Jobs That Offer Benefits

In our modern-day workforce, employers have to offer something enticing. Due to the sheer volume of competition, potential employees will look to every single one of their options in order to get the best placement for work. Often, this includes the types of employee benefits that are offered by companies.

This is even more relevant when you take into consideration the types of employment. Full-time jobs are no longer the only type of employment that offer benefits as part of the package. Many businesses offer employee benefits for both full-time and part-time positions.

There are plenty of part-time positions that offer great incentives within the contract. If you are on the job hunt, consider these eight best part-time jobs that offer benefits:

1. Convenience Store Associate

Surprisingly, one of the best part-time job that offers benefits can be found at your local convenience store. These types of jobs are ideal if you are seeking flexible part-time work, such as students. Stores such as 7-Eleven offer a wide range of benefits to all employees, irrespective of availability.

By becoming a sales associate here, employees will be happy to discover that health and life insurance, as well as dental care, are covered outright. In addition, a Retirement Savings Plan will kick in after one year of employment.

2. Hardware Retail Associate

Many of the larger retail stores that are commonly found in western parts of the world can offer some excellent benefits. For example, Canadian Tire found in, you guessed it, Canada, can provide great incentives.

Known to employees as a CT Flex program, Canadian Tire provides all part-time workers with flex dollars. This specific type of currency can be used in tandem with their own currency to purchase varying levels of coverage.

From health care to dental care, most of the typical benefits you’d come to expect to be included with the role can be found here.

3. Phone Retail Associate

Due to the sheer scope of telecommunications providers in the world, most companies grant their employees amazing benefits.

If you find yourself working part-time at a company such as Telus, for example, all roles include health benefits. It has also been reported that the company has fought to keep pharmaceutical drug costs low for all employees.

In terms of working at a mobile device provider, you won’t find a better packaged deal if benefits are your priority!

4. Coffee Chain Store Partner

Starbucks is one of the first companies that comes to mind when one thinks of an all-inclusive role. This pertains to the great team culture the business is known for, but even more so for the benefits offered.

Even if you work part-time, you can expect to be provided with a plethora of incentives. From monetary bonuses, to 401(k) retirement plan matching, to discounted stock purchase options, the benefits are truly outstanding.

It’s a wonderful feeling, knowing that you can get an amazing incentive package along with a great cup of coffee.

5. Package Handler

The deliveryman position is one of the oldest service jobs around. Modern-day companies such as UPS have expanded this business to take care of all of their employees in every single way.

As a part-time package handler, for example, you can expect to find a wide range of benefits to boot. This comes in the form of health and dental care, in addition to behavioural health coverage as well.

As awareness on mental health continues to build, it’s a great move by the company to include coverage for their employees.

6. Grocery Store Customer Service Associate

The biggest supermarkets and health food retailers ensure that their employees are taken care of in a holistic way. Part-time employees at Whole Foods Market, for example, can expect to find benefits such as medical coverage and paid time off.

In addition, every single employee is given a sizeable store discount. When it comes to purchasing items from a grocery store, any sort of markdown on goods will always come in extra handy!

7. Fast-Food Team Member

As the fast-food business continues to proliferate in operations, you will no doubt find part-time roles that are beneficial to your circumstances.

Take Chipotle for example. The Mexican-based, fast-casual restaurant provides all employees with the typical benefits such as health, vision and dental care. In addition, discounts and 401(k) contributions after one year of employment are also included.

Some locations even offer educational assistance eligibility. Chipotle encourages you to essentially hit the books hard!

8. Department Store Sales Associate

Some of the largest department stores to work at, such as Macy’s or Hudson’s Bay, make sure that their employees are well covered.

Many part-time employees are eligible for incentives such as health and retirement benefits, as well as flexible scheduling and store discounts.

If your life is already jam-packed in terms of scheduling, you’ll have some ease of mind knowing a part-time role in this sector has you well taken care of.

The average person in contemporary society has to juggle many responsibilities. Thankfully, finding employment to fit your schedule doesn’t force you to trade hours just for compensation.

Many part-time positions include several benefits, so you’ll be able to chase all of your opportunities with a more balanced state of mind!

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