7 Best Winter Gift Basket Ideas for This Season

Winter is a season for warmth, wonder, and wishes. What better way to spread the festivities than to share your love and appreciation in the form of a gift basket? Gift baskets are our favourites as they show the recipient how much care and effort you put into curating the ultimate gift basket for them. Every item included is yet another reminder that you thought of them and their desires— something they are bound to appreciate!

Another reason why we love them? They can be customized to your liking in every shape and form. Everything from the basket, the colour of the wrapping, the items included, and the decorations outside of it makes this the ultimate customizable present!

There are a thousand reasons to give a winter gift basket. These holiday gift baskets are ideal if you are planning an amazing Christmas gift or are hoping to keep a friend, family member, or significant other warm during the cold months. Keep reading to discover some of our top recommendations on what to add to your winter gift basket!

Idea #1: Accessories

Winter brings frosty noses and chilled fingers. The winds nip at your ears and the tip of your nose— as such, what better way is there to show your care and affection than some accessories to ensure they stay warm despite the temperature?

Knitted mittens or beanies make adorable additions. Earmuffs and scarves are classic winter accessories that can pull an entire aesthetic together. Fuzzy socks are cheap but thoughtful gifts to include as well. Make sure they stay warm!

Idea #2: Lights!

The reason behind this one may not seem obvious. Who would want lights as a gift? Although winter fills the air with holiday spirit and snowflakes, it also means a decrease in sunlight and an increase in cold weather.

Sunset lamps can help set the atmosphere right despite the lack of sunlight, showing them how much you care about their mental health! Fairy lights can also set the holiday scene, making them welcome additions to the basket.

Idea #3: Hot beverages

What screams warm winter better than a steaming mug of hot chocolate with sprinkles and marshmallows on top? Hot chocolate powder, instant coffee, coffee pods, cocoa powder, and tea bags fit into this category.

To spice it up, include toppings such as sprinkles, mini marshmallows, graham crackers, and cinnamon! This way, they can get the full warm drink experience. To elevate the experience, including the cutest mug you can find and watch them sip in enjoyment!

Idea #4: DIY smores

Following a similar trend to the point above, adding a DIY smores kit in the basket ensures their bellies feel warm despite the cold weather outside. You could choose a prebuilt smores kit at any grocery store or make it yourself!

You must add graham crackers, their favourite chocolate, and large marshmallows. Add Oreos, peanut butter cups, or fresh fruit to change it!

Idea #5: Activities for a night in

When it is cold outside, sometimes all you want to do is stay in and stay warm. As such, including activities for them to do during a night in will surely be appreciated. Board and card games are at the top of our list of activities because of the sheer number of options out there.

You will undoubtedly be able to find a great game for anybody! Baking items are other amazing choices to include as well. Add cupcake liners, cake mix, cookie dough, or cute baking utensils to get their baking going.

Idea #6: Items to warm up a home

By now, I am sure you can piece together the trend of the winter gift basket: keeping them warm and cozy. First things first, candles. We love candles because of their triune ability to light up a room, keep a space warm, and fill the air with the scent of your desires.

Anything from holiday-related scents such as gingerbread and peppermint to nature scents such as fir trees and fresh-cut grass is fair game. Throw blankets are another fan favourite because of their versatility: add them to your duvet to warm your sleep, or cuddle up next to it during your next movie night!

If your budget is a little bit higher, you could even opt for a heated mattress pad or a space heater to show them that you care about them staying free from the cold!

Idea #7: Toiletries

With the cold weather outside, it is unsurprising that many people look to warm baths and showers for comfort. You can make this experience that much better by including bath bombs, bubbles for their baths, body wash, sugar scrubs, body butter, and moisturizers. Their cracked winter hands and feet will surely thank you.

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