6 Fun Food Machines You Can Rent for Parties

It’s party time!

Are you planning a corporate event, a carnival, or a wedding? Nothing brings out the smiles and happy banter than the presence of fun food machines with delicious snacks. Food is a classic icebreaker at any event. Food machines may be expensive, but you don’t have to buy one.

You can rent one! You can choose from an assortment of exciting food machine rentals such as food carts, tabletop food machines, among many others. Bottom line: with the right assortment of fun food machines, you can throw a party everyone will be talking about long after the event is over.

Below are a number of fun food machines you can rent for your event.

1. Popcorn Machines

You can choose from a popcorn tabletop machine or a popcorn cart to make fresh popcorns for your guests. These two machines will win the heart of most of your guests. Each can make as many popcorns as you want. It is, however, important to make sure you have enough supplies to serve all your guests.

2. Cotton Candy Machines

This is another favourite with the kids, and grown-ups as well. You can choose the tabletop machine or the antique cart version for that retro appeal. Make sure the machines come with a wind cover to keep the floss inside the pan. Again, have enough supplies on hand to serve all your guests.

3. Snow Cone Carts

This is another exciting machine to make those finger-licking snow cones that so many of your guest will love. Make sure you have enough supplies, especially the popular grape, cherry and orange flavours. You can request regular ice cubes, or bring your own.

4. Mini Donut Machines

If you want to serve your guests with fresh, hot donuts, the mini donut machine is a perfect choice. You can make hundreds of delicious mini donuts as fast as your guests can eat them. For an even better taste, add sugar, powdered sugar, or cinnamon sugar. Your guests will love them!

Mini donuts are a great choice for virtually any function, especially corporate events, fundraisers, grand openings, open houses, sports tournaments, and weddings.

5. Pretzel Machines

This is another fun food machine. You can go for the pretzel tabletop to display ready to serve fresh pretzels. You can choose a motorized rotating rack that can hold up to 30 pretzels.

6. Hot Dog Carts

There are a variety of hot dog carts you can rent. These include the propane-fueled New York hot dog cart, the antique hot dog cart, and the standard hot dog cart. The New York hot dog cart features a number of storage areas. In most cases, you will be required to have your own canister and propane. The NYC hot dog cart can be used outdoors or in the kitchen. If space is limited, the much smaller standard hot dog cart will work just fine.

Renting fun food machines can give your party an exciting twist that your guests will love. You can rent the right fun food machines from a plethora of party rentals to keep your guests entertained. Always rent from a trusted and experienced company, preferably with a couple of decades of experience. Besides having fun other ways, your guests are likely to remember how thoughtful and nice you were to provide them with delicious fun foods.

Whatever your party’s theme is, there is no shortage of fun food rentals. So, if you are looking to host a party to remember, think creatively about the kind of fun foods you want your guests to enjoy and then approach a reputable fun food machines rental company that understands exactly what you need.

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