4 Ways to Make Vaping Less Intimidating

If you’re somewhat unfamiliar with vaping, it can seem intimidating. It remains a relatively new phenomenon that people are still learning about. Most people jump in and learn along the way, which is a good method to use. The tips below on how to vape can make the process of learning easier.

1. Just Have Fun

A good rule of thumb to follow when learning how to vape is to just have fun. Even if you start out with the basic equipment and juices, it’s still an interesting experience. While you can certainly ask other vapers for advice, your experience will still be unique because what you like isn’t necessarily what other people like. For this reason and many others, it’s best to just have fun and go with the flow. You may be able to find more information online. Dashvapes is a good place to start your research.

2. Choose Premium E-Liquids 

One way to move things along in the right direction is to choose premium quality e-liquids. This alone can make a tremendous difference in your overall experience because you won’t have to deal with the impurities that are contained in low quality e-liquids. More importantly, safety should always be a priority and it’s best to ensure juices used are food grade and from a reputable company. In fact, it’s much better to wait until you can afford a quality juice instead of purchasing a large quantity of juices from a cheap and potentially dangerous source.

3. Make the Right Storage Decisions

Part of the process of vaping is understanding how to store your liquids. What you don’t want to do is store them in a room that’s warm or in a place where it’s directly subjected to sunlight. It’s similar to the way in which you would store quality wine, which means a dark room is a great location. In addition to where you store your juice, the amount of time in which your store it is also important. Generally, it shouldn’t be stored for longer than a few weeks.

4. Understand PG/VG Ratios

PG/VG ratios will dictate the quality of the hit and smoke that’s produced. When e-juice has a low VG ratio, it will likely produce clouds that are smaller and it will also have a deeper throat hit. Many people prefer a VG ratio that’s higher even though it won’t have the same throat hit. The reason why is because it produces amazing smoke clouds and it’s better for anyone that might have allergies. This is another area that requires trial and error because you may not really know what you like until you try it.

These steps can make vaping less intimidating and a bit more fun along the way.

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