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Authors’ Booking Service started in 2006, with the intent of finding children and you adult creators of literary works. They work with schools and libraries in order to reach these potential authors. Believe it or not, there are over 100 high profile Canadian child authors AND illustrators writing creative works of literary art for all ages in both nonfiction and fiction, within multiple genres.

These young creators rank from those just getting started, such as budding writers, to those who have submitted and won multiple awards for their works. These types of children not only entertain other kids and adults, but also educate and inspire them. This promotes literature, and urges others to have a creative mind.

Discussing the literary state of Canada at the time, it recognized the funds for school literature were relatively short. Many schools could not afford to have an interesting author visit, and the staff was quite over worked, many managing multiple libraries or locations. Coordinating a literature in house field trip was not feasible, nor was it financially obtainable.

This is where ABS stepped in, providing schools and local librarians with obtainable authors to provide presentations and do workshops. Surprisingly, these authors are all either children or young adults. This in itself makes the program more enjoyable for students, because it is done by students. Not to mention, many school staff members, librarians and young writers are not aware of the funding available. This introduces young potential authors to hope, that they may one day be an author themselves.

The company manages to provide this surface by charging a small flat fee. It goes towards website maintenance, mail list subscriptions and paper brochures. This is work that is enjoyed, not for the money, but for the presentation, and promotion of youthful, new authors. This is a thrill for all the young writers, because they get to visit and encourage others.

There is currently a fine group of young literary artists doing presentations, including, Rona Arato, Janet Wilson, Marsha Skrypuch, and Loris Lesynski.
Authors’ Booking Service has recently partnered with the renowned OLA Forest of Reading program, working with children and young adult nominee bookings. This program helps those with bookings geared towards their success, make the trips to presentations and award ceremonies.

Young would be writers can benefit from programs like these and find their way to additional funding that can pave a path to the future.


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