7 Canadian Titles Honored by White Raven in 2014


The renowned catalog dubbed, White Ravens, features the most notable literature for children and young adults around the world. International Youth Library (IYL) linguistics professionals located in Munich, Germany, choose worthy books from a barrage of interesting and inspirational donations. This year, there were 7 Canadian books chosen, three of which were written in French, and four in English. [more…]

The recommended books in English are:

“Native Americans: A Visual Exploration”, was written by S.N. Paleja, and can best be described as an excellent first introduction to the topic. The division into six sections attempts to answer basic questions about native origins with colorful artwork, including maps, charts, infographics and statistics. This is an excellent read for ages 10 +.

Kathy Stinson’s book, “The Man with the ViolinThe Man with the Violin”delves into American violinist Joshua Bell’s experiment in which he just played in a subway station, unrecognized, as a street musician. The book evolves around a young child who wants his mother to hear the violin. The illustrations shows how music can change a life and is recommended for ages 4 +.

“Razia’s Ray of HopeRazia’s Ray of Hope: One Girl’s Dream for an Education” was written by Elizabeth Suneby, and tells the hopes of one Afgan American girls dream to improve the lives of women and children in Afghanistan. It includes an appendix of Dari words nd some background information, This book is appropriate for ages 5 and up.

The three books written in French Canadian are:

“Jeanne Moreau a le sourire à l’envers Jeanne Moreau a le sourire à l’envers”, which was written by Simon Boulerice tells the tale of Leon, a shy, 15 years old oddball, anda pen pal. Leon forms of social bond with Leonie, his pen pal via letter-writing. This is a great book for ages 15+.

Louis Hémon’s “Marie ChapdelaineMaria Chapdelaine” was adapted by Jennifer Tremblay, and features a tale of 19th century Quebec about a young woman in Peribonka. Maria, daughter of a settler, is both beautiful and energetic, and it is time to choose between three suitors for marriage. Her true love dies in a tragic accident, so she makes another choice. This is a wonderful historical fiction for ages 10 and up.

“Gustave Gustave” was written by Rému Simard is the delightful tale of a stuffed animal companion. The story portrays Gustave as the playmate of a little mouse, who enjoys pranks, but saved his friend from a cat. This is a story of loss and love with exciting climaxes perfect for ages 3 and up.
White Raven has put their stamp of quality assurance on each of these 7 novels for children of the specified age. They make a welcome addition to family time, story time or just a little relaxation.


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