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Keep the Literary Wheel Turning with Beneficial Programs

A group of volunteers including parents, readers, educators, librarians, writers, young people, along with book and magazine publishers, collaborated in 2008, discussing a plan to make Canada a country of people that appreciate literature. Since then, three national summits have occurred in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal, organized by these volunteers....

Young Writer Promoters and Programs

Authors' Booking Service started in 2006, with the intent of finding children and you adult creators of literary works. They work with schools and libraries in order to reach these potential authors. Believe it or not, there are over 100 high profile Canadian child authors AND illustrators writing creative works...
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7 Canadian Titles Honored by White Raven in 2014

The renowned catalog dubbed, White Ravens, features the most notable literature for children and young adults around the world. International Youth Library (IYL) linguistics professionals located in Munich, Germany, choose worthy books from a barrage of interesting and inspirational donations. This year, there were 7 Canadian books chosen, three of...